Saturday, December 10, 2005

At least someone can call this home, even if it's a spider. And I wonder about those holes in the soil in the pot... (thought about taking a picture of that too, but didn't) Posted by Picasa

Yeah, fine, I don't know what this one's called either. Posted by Picasa

'nother small cactus. Gotta find out what these are actually called. Posted by Picasa

More of the same small cactus. Posted by Picasa

Prickly pear. Posted by Picasa

Documentary of Sharp Things

Welcome to Amy's Documentary of Sharp Things. Today is Part 1: my yard.

Small cactus, potted. Posted by Picasa

Rest of the gratuitous depth of field experiment. f/2.8 Posted by Picasa

Gratuitous depth of field experiment. f/8 Posted by Picasa

See the ant? I can imagine the ants sitting there going, "What's this chick doing with the big piece of glass pointed at us?" Posted by Picasa

Mmm, macro lens. I never seem to get tired of taking really big closeups of my herbs. Posted by Picasa

Really gives you that falling feeling. Posted by Picasa

We had over an hour to kill, so we rode up and down the escalators. Yeah, it takes some serious small-town people to actually do this. Posted by Picasa

Italian food! The back door of Fio Rito. Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 09, 2005

Macro-ee goodness. I love how you can see little fibers on the screen that I didn't notice til I was looking through the viewfinder. Not to mention individual color elements on the LCD. FYI, this is my 14.1 SXGA laptop screen taken at f/2.8, 60mm, ISO 100, 1/30 sec. Posted by Picasa

Ah, sunset over military planes. Lots and lots of military planes. Posted by Picasa

Tonight I went down the same route starting on Aviation Bikeway, but made it further... down past Wilmot & Golf Links (probably Escalante east of Kolb). I turned around when I saw the planes. Also, it was dark.

Dist: 21.18 mi
Time: 1:36:43
(Yeah, I'm slow... but I'm getting better :) that's 13.14 mph, where my previous averages were more like 12. Stopping to take pictures and wait for stop lights takes out some time, but I can't blame too much on that. I wish I'd noted my trip time before I turned around - I made much better time on the way back - at least when I looked at my spedometer it usually read around 18).

Guess I made it to the Air Force Base. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Oooh, pictures

You may have noticed the great rash of pictures that just went up... I have just discovered Hello. Funny, I run so much open source and Google software on top of my OS that I sometimes forget whether I'm in Windows or Linux. Well, at least I'm using Windows and (gasp!) even liking it.

Sunset from the back yard. Shame the power lines were there... Posted by Picasa

Gratuitous sunset shot from my front yard Posted by Picasa

Another gratuitous sunset shot, this time including the palm trees Posted by Picasa

Bike ride Saturday: Young moon and Venus again, just after turning back, somewhere near Golf Links and Swan. This might help: Posted by Picasa

Oddly enough, even after riding home in the wee hours every night all summer, I had never actually had to try my light in complete darkness. It worked well enough to get around, which is more than I had expected. Now I know that I can ride in the dark... as long as the batteries are charged :-)

Bike ride Saturday: Further south on Aviation Bikeway. Posted by Picasa

Bike ride Saturday: Further south on Aviation Bikeway. Posted by Picasa

Bike ride Saturday: North end of Aviation Bikeway, rest of those pink clouds. Posted by Picasa

Bike ride Saturday: North end of Aviation Bikeway, right into the sunset. Posted by Picasa

Bike ride Saturday: young moon and Venus, north end of Aviation Bikeway. Posted by Picasa