Tuesday, August 09, 2005


We made a lego logo. This got much attention. It took about 5 hours of engineer time - 6 of us working on it for the better part of an hour, minus Laura making a dinosaur (will post pic soon..), and me trying to make a sphere (I became impressed with just how hard it is to make a round peg out of square pegs....). I have to put up a closeup to show just what detail it has - serifs, nice rounded curves, follows the shapes of the font correctly.... It's now a prize decoration in Gwendolyn's office, and the others there will take care of it when she leaves. Let the Lego Logo live on.

Picture: back row, L-R: David (aka dfontain), Dave, Fivos, Evan; front: Laura, Gwendolyn, me.

This was at the company "picnic", which was a full-blown carnival. Let it never be said this company doesn't throw good parties, and throw them often.


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