Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Shauna's send-off

Pictures of Shauna on her way back to Seattle after Thanksgiving:

Shauna's sendoff

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Birthday party

Late Wednesday night, Nikki (and maybe others?) arranged a surprise birthday party for me... I feel so loved! Here are some (actually, a lot of) pics:

As hard as it might be to believe, there were actually no mind-altering substances at this party (unless you count icecream-cake and massage). This is the kind of thing I mean when I say that I don't need to drink; I'm already crazy enough without it.

More pictures - Thanksgiving

I now have photos on Snapfish. These are from today's Thanksgiving festivities.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Pictures on Flickr

Since I said I was mostly going to put pictures on here, and I found a better place for just putting pictures with captions, most of this kind of post might now go here:

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

New toy!

Thanks to my parents (as a Thanksgiving/birthday/graduation/Chanukah/Christmas/New Years present), I have a very spiffy new toy....

I spent about half an hour in my back yard this afternoon, taking pictures of anything and everything... these are some sprouts at the base of my olive tree. Note the spider web (which you can actually see :-)).

This is just something to show depth-of-field... "clothespins in the afternoon sun."

Had to take about a dozen pics to get a decent one of the full moon... have I mentioned this thing has a lot of buttons? And I haven't figured out how to change most of the settings yet....

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Seattle, Part 3: Space Needle

Forgive my amateur job of merging the pictures...

The view from up there was cool... if more than a bit gray. It was cloudy and foggy the day we went up, so the view wasn't as good as it might otherwise have been, but at least it wasn't crowded :-)

Seattle, Part 2: Views from the Bay Tour

Apparently the big red crane things were the model for the Imperial Walkers in Star Wars. The big black building is sometimes called the Darth Vader building... and we noted the small one next to it could be R2D2. Those boats are really huge. Note the sea lion sitting on the front of one, and how tiny it looks...

Seattle, Part 1: Bay cruise

I went to Seattle Oct 14 - 17 to be interviewed my Microsoft, and got to visit Shauna to boot. On that Sunday, we took a bay tour. We also stood under the big PI. Note the matching geek garb.

Enough hardware

Yeah, I think I got enough hardware... note the pile of tech/math/scifi books and the microsoft toy.

More ghoulish goodness!

Arrr, we caught ourselves an angel!

Shauna and I spent nearly an hour on that pumpkin.... we were very proud. We could have just stood around going, "Dude, we're so cool!"

Michael pouring over Scientific American, and Joe trying to get Lucy (the cat) to wear his Halloween mask. This was also the incident that had this conversation:
Joe: "You guys' lives revolve around computers."
Michael: "No, no, not mine... but maybe Amy's."
me: "No, I like robots too."
Joe thought that was a scream.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Full of ghoulish goodness

These are from the Halloween party at Nik & Manny's place on Saturday night. Nothing like having twins dressed up as an angel and a devil....

"Do you know who this is?"
"Everyone knows me ... sooner or later."

Me and "Death", aka, Jared.

Ah, tempting the Friar (Michael).

These two made quite a scene... dirty old men dressed up as pirates, carrying big bottles of liquor and rubbing their butts against people (especially girls). Funny thing was, it turned out to be the hostess's sweet, relatively normal mom and her best friend... man, talk about good costumes...

Yuko, feeling the pull of many influences...

The devil looks innocent next to me...