Friday, December 09, 2005

Ah, sunset over military planes. Lots and lots of military planes. Posted by Picasa

Tonight I went down the same route starting on Aviation Bikeway, but made it further... down past Wilmot & Golf Links (probably Escalante east of Kolb). I turned around when I saw the planes. Also, it was dark.

Dist: 21.18 mi
Time: 1:36:43
(Yeah, I'm slow... but I'm getting better :) that's 13.14 mph, where my previous averages were more like 12. Stopping to take pictures and wait for stop lights takes out some time, but I can't blame too much on that. I wish I'd noted my trip time before I turned around - I made much better time on the way back - at least when I looked at my spedometer it usually read around 18).


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