Tuesday, February 14, 2006

In the Redwoods

I decided that rather than trying to tackle all my pictures at once (like the 1283 on my camera now - filled up the memory card), I'd just do a few of the most recent ones, and get to the older ones when I can. So, here are the pics of my new apartment.

It's a 1124 sq. ft., 2 br/1.5 ba, town-house style condo (renting, not buying), with a full wall of south-facing windows looking onto a lake that has swans, and the complex is full of redwoods.

It hath much awesomeness.

And costs the leg of my soul.

(Okay, it was only about 100/mo more than the other, 1 br places I was looking at that weren't so big and not nearly so cool. So it's a much better value :-) )

This is the view from the entrance. Unfortunately, the actual picture of this bathroom got corrupted. Not sure why. Taken over 9100 pics, and this is the first one that's had any such problem.

The kitchen. Probably the only part of the part of the place I'm not really excited about, since it's a bit old-looking, but heck, it works, and it has lots of drawer and cabinet space.

Upstairs bathroom.

My bedroom. Haven't figured out yet where I'm going to put the bed. When I actually get a bed, that is. Or at least fix the leak in my air mattress.

The other bedroom upstairs, which I guess I'll use as an office/computer room, and maybe a massage room. And maybe any other hobbies I take up.

View off the balcony of the other bedroom/office.

Looking the other way in the office, from the rail of the balcony.

This is the view from the door of the office. The little balcony looks down on the entrance, which I imagine will be handy when people arrive and I'm upstairs. Also, if I need to change the bulbs in that light over the door.

Coming back down the stairs. See the cool long chimney on the fireplace.

Looking back from the windows toward the kitchen.

Just after coming in, standing in front of the kitchen. Note the wood-burning fireplace. (The wings are just the ones from Burning Man, which I hung up there on a whim.)

View of the windows, from the living room.

View from the patio. Note the stream, which I can hear nicely from the patio. Shame none of the swans were around.

Looking to the right from the patio.


Anonymous tom thom(b) said...

Absolutly Fantastic. Great pics .Always fun to run around a new place before you get your stuff here and there dad

2/14/2006 9:30 PM  

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