Sunday, September 21, 2008

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Connie made the observation that Nik and I often write about not just what we're doing but what we're thinking. Actually, in my own estimation, I write almost exclusively about what I'm thinking and rarely about what I'm doing (and even then usually in the context of something it made me think of).

This was a while ago I thought of this, shortly after reading her post, or maybe even while reading it. As an experiment, I decided to try writing about more things I do, and I figured that last trip was a good occasion.

So, I wrote 4 longish posts about my trip, and... it was work. It was a chore. It was like having to finish an essay for school. Man, I don't like writing about stuff I do. How do you guys keep it up? Especially making it so lively and fun? I'm sure to some extent I just find it that way because I, like, care what you guys are doing, but I'm surprised Nik doesn't have a regular readership from a bunch of people she doesn't know.

So, yeah, here's the summary of rest of my East Coast trip: we went to New York MOMA and saw some creepy Dali videos, went up the Empire State Building, saw Spamalot on Broadway, and went tubing on the Delaware River (I licked Pennsylvania!).

Was there more detail worth recording? Probably, but I find it far more interesting to write about thoughts I had then and now because of it. For instance, confirmation of how much I hate cities. Man, it was really crowded. I was near panic several times because of it. MOMA was really cool, but by the end I was just like getmeoutofheregetmeoutofheregetmeoutofheregetmeoutofhereseriouslygetmethefuckoutofhererightnow.

Then, there's the problem with public blogs: anybody might read them. Maybe I should just make it private, but there's a large-ish set of people I sort of know that I don't mind reading my blog, should they find it entertaining or informative to do so. But, there's also another large-ish set of people who make me have to consider what I post in public, like future employers. It makes me watch what I say about criticisms, things I do, profanity... not that I'm left with nothing to write about, but it's certainly not my journal.

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Blogger Connie said...

It's like Nikki and Shauna have told me, "Your blog is for you so you write for yourself. If other people find it interesting, then great. But it's not really for them. Just so you know, though, those of us who keep coming back find your blog very interesting! I love your "Hmmm...this is what I'm thinking" style of writing!

9/23/2008 4:58 PM  

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