Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Things that made me happy today

Things that made me happy today (in no particular order):
  • Finding Shredded Oats at Trader Joe's, even though I didn't think they carried them
  • The Fruit Hammoch (it shall inspire me to work on my Cat's Cradle Hammoch)
  • Frost on the little plants by the bank - so it wasn't just me, it really was cold!
  • Falling asleep with moonlight on my face, and waking up with sunlight coming in near my head
  • Beautiful Italian music playing on my speakers, now that I have a place to set them up - and the sound carries through the apartment wonderfully :-)
  • Bouncy techno on same system :-)
  • Talking to the financial advisor at First Tech
  • Seeing the sun setting through the redwoods
  • Alpenglow on snowcovered mountains in the distance
  • Chatting with the pink-haired checker at the Bed Bath & Beyond
  • The other lady at BB&B who's going to have beech towels brought in for me from the east coast
  • My apartment!
[actually posted Thurs 2006-02-16 11AM, since internet connection is iffy]


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