Wednesday, July 26, 2006

So much to say, so little time...

I should post my full to-do list, just for kicks. At a reasonable (but not excessive) level of itemization, it would fill at least one page, only for things I really intend to do in the next few weeks. Just for a taste, here are a few things I still mean to write about:

  • The story of The Lamp

  • Other pictures and accounts from that weekend (quite an interesting weekend) (15/16th)

  • Getting a free van (I wound up offering the guy some money anyway, which he took... but still a really cheap awesome van); this is to drive to Burning Man

  • My art project for Burning Man, once I make more progress on it

  • Skydiving! (It was not what I expected, and I can see doing it instead of therapy.)

  • A bunch of other stuff that's been going through my head, including, but not limited to, the value of following through on things, meeting new people, getting more stubborn and picky in my old age, some comments on 'will power' prompted by a Scott Adams post, and probably a lot more I can't think of right now that may be lost forever because I didn't write them down.

I'm also selling my old car (finally posted it on craigslist; please ping me if you know anybody needs an old cheap car that's good on gas and has nothing to break), doing various other things to get ready for Burning Man, took singing and piano lessons (will resume when my teacher gets back in the country...), got a housemate, am taking a massage class, and am looking to possibly buy a house/condo. So if you don't hear from me... Don't Panic. Just make sure to have your towel with you. It would have been great to have an old towel while I was lying under the free van, in the street, replacing a hose. See, they're not kidding.



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