Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blog Topics, Part II

My, I do seem to be doing the multi-part thing lately.

Okay, actually it's because I couldn't think of anything better to call this, because it's sort of about writer's block, to the extent that it's about anything at all.

I've had a lot of ideas for bloggable things lately. If I had a dictating device with me all the time, I'd probably have put up half a dozen posts since the last. Problem is, by the time I sit down at a keyboard, I've either forgotten a substantial amount of what I wanted to say, or just plain don't feel like writing. Rather a shame, since much like working out, I almost always feel better when I do. I used to write in a journal regularly for something like therapeutic value; now I think I fulfill that outlet by a combination of talking with John and IMing with Shauna. The desultory wander of an IM conversation may give me my fix of philosophizing and just being goofy, but it doesn't do much to hone one's ability to write organized extended things. I guess I still write ranty emails to some of my relatives, and they're trying to make a point and even maybe somewhat organized about it, like why I'm happy to swap a 99 BMW for a 92 Civic, or what I think of all those greedy banks and politicians.

So, now, do I actually have anything to say? Well, I've got some snippets of things I noticed before, and thought of writing about. Maybe not all I had originally, but something.

John is doing The Master Cleanse, aka The Lemonade Diet. Right now he's on Day 2. For those unfamiliar, this entails 10+ days of eating no food and only drinking a lemonade drink made from lemon juice, grade B maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. I think I'm more bothered watching him do it and thinking about him do it than he is actually doing it. He's not really bothered by not eating. I nearly panic at the thought of restricting what I eat, let alone eating no solid food for nigh on two weeks. It's been bad enough going off sugar again, but heck, that's better than being bone tired all the time... and I've lost 6 lbs in the past couple weeks, despite getting almost no exercise.

Speaking of food, a couple of weeks ago, while cooking dinner, John noted that there was not a single thing we were having that he would have been eating before we met. Some were just brands he wouldn't otherwise have had (Trader Joe's parmesan cheese instead of some other store's), and some were things he didn't previously like at all (squash - but he likes sunburst squash cut into slices and fried with parmesan cheese on top). I wish I rememebered everything that we had - there was also Bariani Olive Oil, and some kind of fish.

Well, that was sort of about something, even if I didn't remember half the topics I wanted to write about, nor half the details about the ones I did. But, now it's late, and time to head off to bed...



Blogger Connie said...

I love your blog, no matter what you write about. It's just an occasional peek into Amy's brain! And the fried squash sounds really good.

10/13/2008 12:23 PM  
Blogger Nikki said...

Me too! Ramble away -- if it's cohesive, then that's just added fringe.

I've heard of that Great Cleansing Cayenne Pepper diet, and it always sounded terrifying to me, too. And yet after overindulging on Wurst and Pommes, sometimes it doesn't sound so bad. Until I go to bed, digest, and wake up hungry again. Ahhh, land of plenty...!

10/13/2008 12:32 PM  

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