Friday, October 28, 2005

Wish list

This seems like such an appropriate thing to put when the title of the blog is now "Shiny Things"....

Most of you who've known me for a while know this, but it bears repeating: I am not of the school of thought that says "it's the thought that counts". For a long time I told people just to please not give me anything; I actually preferred it that way - I was opposed to all the materialism, plus I just feel really awkward and uncomfortable and guilty getting stuff I don't want. Now I've eased off - if it's something you know I'll like, please go ahead, and I will appreciate and enjoy it. But no obligatory gift-giving, and no random stuff that "girls your age tend to like" or, heaven forbid, anything "trendy" (although I do like tech stuff...).

So, with these caveats in mind... here is my wish list.


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