Friday, February 17, 2006

Many Firsts

I'm realizing just how many firsts I'm having here in this first week in Seattle. For instance, today I bought that special kind of detergent for dishwashers for the first time, because this is the first dishwasher I've had. I also bought firewood for the first time. And lit a fire in a fireplace for the first time. (I hadn't realized how hard it is to get it going - or maybe I was just doing something wrong. But after a while, it sort of worked, and I sat in front of it (on the floor, since I still have nothing to sit on but my yoga ball) and ate my reheated Zach's pizza.) And yesterday, I saw frost on groundcover plants... just sitting there, not melting. (So when I say it's freezing outside, I don't just mean it in the whiny figurative way - I mean that water, when left outside, becomes solid.)

So, there are all these little firsts on top of big ones, like not being in school, living this far north, having a nice place to live with a lot of space, and the big one - having a real job.


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