Wednesday, September 20, 2006


All I have to say is... yes! :-)


This reminds me of something I meant to post a while ago...
(I almost guarantee, before I start to type this, that I will revise it, so if you care, check back after a few days.)

being a grownup means you can
eat ice cream for dinner
chocolate for breakfast
leave clothes all over your floor
never vacuum or do your dishes
never make the bed
spend more than your allowance
stay up late
wake up later
only go to class when you feel like it
skip the optional meetings at work
not ask anybody's permission when you have a sleepover
play in the rain even when you have a cold

But it also means
Eating broccoli because it might make you feel better when you're 80
Skipping dessert because you'll feel better after dinner
Putting all your things away neatly because it annoys you when you can't find them
Keeping the house clean because you paid enough attention to realize that's why you were sneezing
Making the bed because you found it makes it more convenient to sleep in
Balancing your checkbook and paying your credit cards off every time because you realize you don't have any more money in the long term when you don't
Going to bed in time to get enough sleep...
... To go to that morning meeting, even though you don't technically *need* to
Telling your housemate that your friends are coming over, even if she isn't going to, and really can't, say no
And still, occasionally, dying your hair funny colors, playing loud trance, and lighting things on fire...

Now, I'm going to go eat some organic chocolate and italian gelato.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

...and upon occasion she may be found at an opulent temple with a strange creature, far flung from home, painted in green and orange...

10/09/2006 11:06 PM  
Anonymous joyci chan said...

although i sometimes wish i was a kid so i'd be forced to go to bed @ a certain time every night to actually get *some* sleep...

10/10/2006 4:55 PM  

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