Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'm still alive. And the parking people are still after me.

It's like getting a long handwritten letter. You feel so obligated to respond right that you never get around to answering at all.

So it is with this blog. I have so much to say right now that I don't know where to start. It's like taking a bite out of something that's big and completely smooth: there's no place to get your teeth into it.

Anyway, here are a few random quotes. As the title of this blog advertises, I must include random stuff regularly... or somebody will get mad at me for false advertising.

Dilbert, 2006.09.20:
"There's really no point in listening to other people. They are either going to be agreeing with you or saying stupid stuff."
[I had found this in a comment on the Dilbert Blog, not realizing this is where it had come from.]

Me: "Put the trash in the round can in the garage. Put the recycling in the square can next to it. Hmm. Now that you now my house's waste disposal API..."

Email thread at work:
"Sorry, didn't mean to beat a dead horse."
"Don't worry; the road to <product code name> is littered with dead horses."

Beating a child is like using the !important statement in CSS: you do it when you don't have any better ideas to handle the situation and you're frustrated. It seems to work at first, but soon you start using it too much, and things get messy on the inside.

The traffic gods love me. The parking gods hate me. The laundry gods are giving me a funny look.

I have to take my van in for inspection tomorrow. If it passes, said inspection will be a very good thing, because then I can finally get it registered, and then maybe the condo complex will stop harassing me about it. I am a little worried about the inspection page saying damage to vehicle needs to be repaired, and I need to have receipts saying it was. Well, there's not actually anything functionally wrong with it. But then, my idea of a luxury unit is anything with walls that aren't blue tarps.

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Blogger Pnutty02 said...

Amen to the blue tarps! I got all nostalgic the other night and I started telling my honey about your house... How it always seemed waaaay more out in god's country than it actually was... It has since dawned on me what a risk it was takin a shower at your place (there could be pics of my booty on the internet somewhere! lol)...How we used to make cookies at all hours of the night... Teeny ones so we could eat um faster (with ice cream!!) Bean burritos... Digiorno pizzas... The slinky room... 2 million christmas lights... Smashing my head on a wooden beam until your dad finally put foam on it... Sigh... The good ol days... I have half a mind to go take cruise by your parents house just for old times sake... I miss ya girl... Take care! :)

9/21/2006 1:33 AM  

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