Wednesday, December 13, 2006

You know you have interesting friends when...

-You periodically get asked, "So, hey, would you mind being a subject for this experiment I'm doing?"
-Every few months you have an email exchange that makes you go read the labels on all the food in your cupboards.
-"You wanna do something this weekend?" "Sorry, I'll be in another country."
-The word "thesis" makes everyone in the room shudder.
-"Remember that little rubber gasket thing that was missing from the engine? I made something that does the same function." "From what?" "A piece of copper wire."
-You go to another state for a weekend just because, well, there's a good party going on.
-"LHR, FRA, or CDG?" "Eh, doesn't matter."
-You can be at a party where someone says "I think slow-growing log files are like the tooth fairy" or makes a joke about cross-compilers and everyone laughs.

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