Sunday, May 20, 2007

Random Thoughts

I spend time wondering about things I know I shouldn't wonder about. Like, if you blow your nose on a piece of toilet paper, is it more ecologically friendly to throw it in the trash or flush it? I decided it's probably the former (maybe just because I've been around a lot of old fragile plumbing), but it probably doesn't make much difference.

Or, if I bike to work, I have to wash an extra set of clothing vs driving. Hmm, let's see: electricity, water, and soap to do a fraction of a load of laundry, or gasoline to pull two tons of metal for 9 miles? I think we have a winner there.


The modern world has all sorts of problems we never anticipated. Our cell phones, for example, are pretty close to a Star Trek communicator, but you never saw Kirk going "Um, Spock, could you buzz my communicator? I don't know where I put it."


Parking around my buildings has been a problem for a while, as it has been around most of the main campus. Either the parking garages are only a couple levels deep and there aren't enough spaces, or they are deep enough... and there's a Balrog on the bottom level.

That being said, we do actually have plenty of parking now. The building next to us, which is under construction, isn't finished - but its parking garage is, and while it's a little farther than our own garage, it beats the valet (sometimes blocked in, have to get your key back from security if you're there late) or the old Eddie Bauer lot (almost half a mile away). 'Tis a most beautiful sight to the Seattle-ite: a broad open expanse of empty parking spaces.

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Blogger Nikki said...

Hahaha! Balrog in the basement. Buzzing Kirk's communicator. Man, I enjoy the Amy Blog.

5/21/2007 2:23 PM  

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