Saturday, May 05, 2007

Boat Festival

I've gone from saying "so people don't think I'm insane" to "so fewer people notice I'm insane."


Written Wednesday:

Last night I was at Jazz Alley (great venue, BTW), and I couldn't help but notice the loops on the ceiling fans looked just like handles. We were sitting on these perch seats right below the ceiling, so we were actually looking down at the fans. I kept thinking how fun it would be to leap off the balcony and catch the fan handles and swing around. Yeah... mind of a five year old hiding in the body of a twenty six year old.


Sometimes I get sick of being a weirdo. I'm contrary enough that I often try to go against whatever people say usually is the case, but sometimes I get really tired of being the exception to everything. Especially things like, "this usually works well for people." I really wish it did.


Latest source of amusement: making events up, and then attributing other things to them. For instance, toward the end of this week, Shauna and I were driving into Seattle through this awful traffic, and noticed many, many boats out - lines of them out into Lake Washington near Montlake, Portage Bay packed to the gills. In speculating what this was, I said, "maybe there's a Seattle Boat Festival," which sounds reasonable, since hey, if any city is going to have a boat festival, it would be Seattle, right? So we had a good laugh. Further on, Shauna made some further comment wondering about the cause of the awful traffic, and I said, "Mmm, must be the Boat Festival."

So, turns out it's just opening day of boating season. That's almost a Boat Festival.

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