Saturday, April 14, 2007

Possession of the Coveted Object

Written a few weeks ago:
Sometimes, it's the smallest things. Perhaps it's some consolation that, even though it's the tiny things that can ruin your day, they can also make it too.

For months, I have been coveting a particular coworker's chair - I'll refer to him as Mike B. It had almost become a running joke, that this was one of my activities that I was known for - you know, fix stylesheets, bring strawberries to work, covet Mike B's chair. He's in the office across the hall from me, the same office as another coworker I need to talk to frequently. Whenever I would go over there, I would sit in Mike B's chair, just because it was really comfy. I grew to want to have it, to steal it back to my own office, but I figured that would not only be a mean thing to do, I would be caught really quickly. I had a ray of hope when another guy in that office (there were 4, now down to 3) left - his stuff immediatly got cannibalized (other guys on my team showed up with screwdrivers within hours to take parts from his machine), including Mike B taking his old chair. I thought I had Mike B's chair, but no, he said he wanted to hold onto it while he was evaluating the new one, and before too long, decided he wanted to stick with the old one. Rats! Foiled, but not for long.

Today, I went over to their office, and lo, the coveted chair was sitting there, unused by Mike B. I tentatively asked if he was going to use it, and he said his chiropractor warned him away from it... well, I wasn't going to let that deter me, so I snatched it and gleefully rolled it over to my office.

You know, he's right - it isn't good on the back. Weird how things can be so comfy at first, but not at all for long stretches. I read (in Blink by Malcolm Gladwell - awesome book) that's how New Coke came into being - did well in sip tests, but that doesn't say much about how people will like drinking a case of something.

So, maybe I'll ditch New Chair in favor of Chair Classic.

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