Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Stat of the Day

Q: What fraction of King County’s bus riders also has cars?

A: 79%

So it's far from being just people who can't afford cars.

I forgot to mention in my earlier post on transportation that one of the key realizations was that using other forms of transportation didn't need to replace having a car - I could take the bus and still keep my car for when I needed it, and yes, it's still cheaper than purely driving (hurray free bus pass from MS). Not to mention things like time to read on the bus, actually getting to look sideways on the 520 bridge, feeling much more alert and healthy when I bike to work... yeah, all that. But I still have a deal with myself that I can drive if I really, really don't want to bike or bus - I needed that to convince myself to try not driving.

One day I must write about this apparent disjoint I have between being very adaptable in the long term, and very non-adaptable in the short term.



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