Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Traffic Initiative

Maybe I'm just biased because I carpool 90-95% of the time, but thing is, if I didn't, I'd be biking or busing, because regularly driving that far through that nasty Bellevue traffic just isn't a sanity-preserving option. And, if not for the HOV lanes on I-405 and I-90, carpooling wouldn't help so much, and I would drive alone more (not just bus or bike all the time). So, if you're a voter in the Puget Sound area, take a look at this:

The proposal to end carpool restrictions at 6:00pm should be a clear negative to anybody who drives at that time - rush hour is usually far from over by then. If you have carpool lanes, you at least have the option of speeding up your commute. Heck, 148th Ave NE should have a carpool lane from MS main campus down to I-90. If you're sitting in the black line traffic in a sea of single-occupancy vehicles with buses flying by nearly empty next to you, it's your own fault if that doesn't trigger some motivation to try something different.



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