Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Take that, whiners

Seattle's Rain Doesn't Compare to Kaneohe

Record days of rain:
Seattle: 33
Centralia: 55 (it was actually under water a few days ago; 20 miles of I-5 was closed for 4 days)
Otis, OR: 79
Kaneohe Ranch, Oahu: 247

Despite my whining about the whining (meta whining), I'm actually in favor of keeping up the Seattle rain myth... keeps people from overrunning our beautiful city ;-) Before I thought it was just a joke that people kept up the whining about rain just to keep too many people from moving here, but now I not only believe it, I want to help.


Monday, December 10, 2007

Aestivate, desiccate, masticate

[Written 2007.11.18]

Yes, those are my Thanksgiving plans.

Aestivate: technically, this means to sleep for the summer (parallel to hibernate). I’m twisting the meaning to just enjoying the summer-like climate of Tucson in November.

Desiccate: because, man, it’s really dry here. I got out of the shower this morning, dried off, and my skin made a sucking noise as it pulled taut against the meat and bones below.

Masticate: because this is, after all, a holiday dedicated to eating. I’m sitting next to a box of chocolates right now. I’ve already eaten 2, and I may eat another. Just try me.

Also, this cat sitting on my lap has a giant creepy cyst on her neck. And she has dandruff and disturbing hairless patches. And she smells funny. And she has diabetes. And she’s seventeen years old. But everyone forgives her those things, because she is simply the most cuddly, loving creature; all she wants in life is to be held, and hopefully rub noses with you.

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Lousy With Superlatives

Wow, my 'long time no post' entry has a delay note... now I'm meta-late :-)

I wrote this over Thanksgiving... I'll add more, but hey, at least this is something ;-)


Goodness, it’s been a while since I’ve written in here. And goodness, have I done a lot in the meanwhile.

Also, be warned this entry is lousy with superlatives. Sometimes I’m exaggerating. You guess which ones.

And lest you think that this is for any bad reason, gentle reader, no: I’ve been happy and busy and quite distracted from writing, and pretty much everything else besides work and having fun. Let me see, if I may go on a brief rundown…

• Shows:
  • Robin Williams at the Showbox (that man is leg-slapping, eye-popping funny).
  • Josh Groban… voice of gold, like honey being poured into my ears.
  • Crystal Method… the good DJ’s don’t start playing til about 1am, so didn’t hang around that long after they actually started playing.
  • Sia at the Crocodile – less-known artist, but she’s a really excellent performer: fun, funny, and makes great use of her beautiful voice.
  • Jim Gaffigan. If you haven’t heard him… do. Paralyzingly funny.
  • Billy Joel … he played Purple Haze… yeah :-)
• Hiked to two different waterfalls, one of them twice
• Went to the Playa, for the third time. Got one welding lesson in the process, but didn’t get as far as really making anything.
• Got a kayak! This is the funnest thing ever! Okay, maybe not ever, but it’s way up there (up with road biking). Been out several times, including two places (Issaquah Creek off Lake Sammamish, and Rattlesnake Lake) that were so still the water was like glass… it was like floating through the most beautiful postcard.

Lucy the cat is now sleeping against the exhaust vent of my laptop’s CPU fan. Dang that’s cute.


Maybe I'll even have the energy to write about some of these in more detail... but for now, at least they're noted.