Monday, December 10, 2007

Aestivate, desiccate, masticate

[Written 2007.11.18]

Yes, those are my Thanksgiving plans.

Aestivate: technically, this means to sleep for the summer (parallel to hibernate). I’m twisting the meaning to just enjoying the summer-like climate of Tucson in November.

Desiccate: because, man, it’s really dry here. I got out of the shower this morning, dried off, and my skin made a sucking noise as it pulled taut against the meat and bones below.

Masticate: because this is, after all, a holiday dedicated to eating. I’m sitting next to a box of chocolates right now. I’ve already eaten 2, and I may eat another. Just try me.

Also, this cat sitting on my lap has a giant creepy cyst on her neck. And she has dandruff and disturbing hairless patches. And she smells funny. And she has diabetes. And she’s seventeen years old. But everyone forgives her those things, because she is simply the most cuddly, loving creature; all she wants in life is to be held, and hopefully rub noses with you.

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