Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Car work

Today I went to get a replacement headlight bulb for my car. My year/make/model combination wasn't listed in the Book of Headlights the auto parts shop had, so I went to the counter to ask, and the guy suggested to just look at the light, and I thought this was a fine idea. We went out... and it took me a good 30 seconds to find the hood release. That was only the second time I'd opened the hood, and it's not actually marked. It also took me probably 5 minutes to get the new bulb back in (the shop guy had taken the old one out). I was going to take my car in to a mechanic to get the oil changed tomorrow, but now I feel the need to do it myself to restore my dignity. Pesky fancy car. But I love my car, really - it's terribly fun and ever so comfy.

Yuppiness is a warm beamer.

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