Thursday, November 30, 2006

Free offense

I hate when I know I'm going to find something offensive, read it anyway, and, sure enough, find it offensive:

Does a man’s salary matter?

I don't even know where to start. A rough approximation would be that I disagree with everything most of them say. But a few short specifics.

Pay for dinner? I don't give a f**k. Pay in proportion to how much you have to spare. Just don't refuse to go out because you can't afford it and won't let anybody else cover you.

Men feel "diminished" by dating a woman who makes more? Good selection factor, then. Keeps the ones who might think like that away.

"Dating a man without money is really tough because you end up paying for everything and that wears on you after awhile." Why would that be any less true for a guy paying for everything?

Finally, I think they're confusing money with success or personal reward. I like to be with people (in general, and especially to date) who do things they really enjoy and really get into and who work to improve themselves and hopefully do something for the world. Sometimes that correlates with income, sometimes it does not.

And, finally, what purpose does this article serve? Has anybody not thought about this issue for themselves? If you're a woman, does it matter what any woman other than yourself thinks about this?

Anyway, I'm crampy and PMS-y and I'm going to bed. I finished The Book Like Crack (aka Neal Stephenson's Zodiac), so maybe I'll sleep more now.



Blogger Shauna said...

Yay, Amy updates! :-) Now I need to return the favor... (after, 6 months, *cough*!)

Wow, this article is... :-O I couldn't even finish it, was starting to choke too much on bafflement and indignation. Who *are* these people? All the nonsensical arguments and double-standards, it sounds like they're setting themselves up for discontent, not to mention some serious relationship issues. I just hope nobody who reads this is naive enough to think they represent the population at large.

You pretty much nailed the response, I would have had a long, foamy rant. Nice job!

11/30/2006 9:20 AM  

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