Saturday, March 17, 2007

Engage Duffel

Funny what things do and don't change when you get more money. Dumpster diving, for instance. You'd think I make enough that I wouldn't be interested in this, but hey, it's still free stuff that just needs a little washing. Yesterday afternoon I took the trash out, and I saw an Army duffel bag full of clothes sitting in the dumpster. Of course, I couldn't resist the urge to climb up and try to pull it out - and I found out that those scenes with Lawrence Pritchard Waterhouse engaging Duffel were no exaggeration: this thing probably weighed 80 lbs. So, I pulled most of the clothes out first, then pulled maybe the last third with the bag. Also found a couple of sheets (black beech sateen, I think - score!). Kind of sad - you can pretty much guess what happened: guy gets back from the military and gets dumped, and his girlfriend throws his stuff away. Well, more for me, and it's in the washing machine right now... with bleach.


Have you ever spent all day deciding what to do, not done anything, and realized that you could have done most of the stuff you were considering if you'd just picked something and gotten moving?


Right next door to my house (I can see it out the living room windows) is a big church parking lot which is usually empty (except, as you might expect, Sunday mornings). Last night, I suddenly saw it differently: no longer just a place where the faithful leave their vehicles, but a giant rollerblading rink. Only took me four months living here to think of that. But they were four dark rainy gray months that didn't really lend themselves to thinking of outdoor activities that work better on dry ground.

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