Monday, February 20, 2006

More Tales From The Cold


Saturday, I stopped at a Chevron to buy gas. I went to clean my windows like I always do, and the handle of the washer wouldn't move. The cleaning fluid was frozen. I tried another one that was sitting in the sun. Also frozen. Oh well, nevermind.

The Reinvention of Ice Sports

Yesterday, I went out to poke the ice, since I'm still completely fascinated with it. I grabbed a stick from under some bushes and started poking. A piece broke off, and I knocked it on top of the main frozen part. It slid like magic. Right then and there, had it not already been done, I would have invented ice hockey. Although I guess the puck made of ice wouldn't be so good, unless you wanted to make rules for changing from one big puck to a bunch of little pucks.

Seeing Your Breath

Today on the way to work (first day! more on this later), I saw a woman walking her dog. I could see the dog's breath. I wonder if the dog thought it was cool too.


Now, for any of you thinking that 21 isn't that cold, let me say that it's always relative. You folks in Maine and Alaska and Greenland may be making fun of me when I think that's cold, and my friends in Hawaii wonder how I survive the terrible freeze outdoors. I could make fun of you cold-climate people when you go to Tucson in July and are melting in the 100+ degree heat. I stopped giving people a hard time about temperature, since I've gone from being completely at home in extreme heat and humidity to finding it hardly tolerable. It's really completely a matter of what you're used to.


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