Tuesday, March 07, 2006

School Junkie

Amy just can't stay away from school. Maybe she was having homework withdrawal.

I had a few moments of seriously wondering why I was getting myself into a class that had homework at the same time I was so thoroughly enjoying not having homework. And why I wanted to do something that would keep me in the city til 10:00pm (although at that hour it's only about a 20-minute drive home).

Last night I went to the Brian Utting School of Massage open house, not sure where I intended to go with it - probably just taking a few short workshops, and even those not too soon. But after hearing about the experiences of the people who'd done the program, I began to think it would be like choir - maybe it was long, and late at night, and I was tired, but I always felt so much better for going. So that night I signed up for the one-day workshop, which I was pretty much planning to do before I went. Today, though, was the kicker. They said their next 6-week intro workshop was in May, and I realized I really didn't want to wait that long. They also said the anatomy class (another 6-week intro) had just started, and one could still jump in since missing the first day isn't too huge a deal. I wasn't really seriously thinking about it last night, since I like to do things from the beginning and be prepared, and I didn't really want to commit to something else right now. But thinking about it today, I asked, why didn't I want to do it right now? I couldn't find any reason not to. And I told myself it would be like choir - I'd always be glad once I got there, even if I was tired.

And, sure enough, I went tonight, and it was great. Not only is it a fun bunch of people, we're learning about stuff I'd been wondering about for years, like why muscles get tight, and various reasons massage can be helpful and healing.

So, I have homework again. But I don't mind.


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